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April 26, 2012

If No One Knows Your Business Exists, Does It?

It’s akin to the old adage that if no one hears a tree fall in the forest, does it really fall?  After putting all that time and energy into developing the product, creating a brand, designing packaging, etc etc, many entrepreneurs think they can just sit back and wait for the orders to start pouring in.  Unfortunately, unless a bolt of lightning strikes, no matter how great your product is you have to put a lot of time and energy into marketing your product and company in order to start generating sales and building a customer base.

Lynn Steinberg, an online marketing executive who has a passion for entrepreneurial artisan food brands, recognized that this was a problem.  Many small food businesses, she understood, simply didn’t have the staff or time to devote themselves to marketing their businesses the way those businesses needed to be marketed – the entrepreneurs were too busy actually making the product!   Lynn herself had spent hours strolling farmers markets and scanning the internet in order to try and find fun small companies that she could send food gifts from to various friends and families for holidays.   While there are some larger websites out there that aggregate small food businesses into one online location, Lynn thought, given her background, she could take that idea a step further.

Towards the end of 2011, Lynn launched Goodies For Gifts, an online portal for small food businesses to showcase their shippable products and an avenue by which seekers of fine artisan products can more easily discover new unique brands.   Where Lynn’s business model differs from others is that the artisan brands pay a monthly subscription service to be part of the site (anywhere from $18 – $30/month) but when site visitors click on a product they like they are taken directly to that brand’s website for the sale transaction meaning that the artisan company keeps all of the revenue from the sale.   Additionally, Goodies For Gifts believes that marketing is a critical component of creating a successful small food business so as part of the subscription plan products also become part of the Goodies For Gifts marketing plan which includes online mentions and crafted PR pitches to print and television media.  “I want Goodies For Gifts to be a marketing resource for these small companies,” Lynn explains.

With more than 50 artisan vendors and an online persona that is growing daily (Goodies For Gifts currently has approximately 1500 Twitter and over 4000 Facebook followers – focusing on the segment of the food buying market who purchases food as gifts and wants it shipped), the Goodies For Gifts model has proven so effective for some brands that they’ve hired Lynn to handle all of their company’s online marketing in addition to their marketing presence on Goodies For Gifts.

For more information about Goodies For Gifts and to see whether this service might be the right match for your company and marketing goals, please contact Lynn Steinberg at lynn (at) goodiesforgifts (dot) com.*

* This is not a paid product review – simply a resource that I thought might be interesting and useful to some readers.  As the business owner, it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence to make sure this and other companies are the right fit for you and your business strategy.

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