April 4, 2014

Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet ‘How To’ Video

food business pricing spreadsheetI’m the type of person who learns best visually so even though the Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet comes with instructions, I wanted to make a video that would show, step-by-step, how to input a recipe and packaging in order to determine product costs and pricing.  I’m excited to say that the video is now live on YouTube so if you’ve purchased the spreadsheet and want a little extra help or if you’re thinking of getting it but want to make sure it’ll be right for you, this video should be helpful.

12 comments on “Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet ‘How To’ Video

  • Colleen @ Royal Icing Diaries on said:

    Jennifer this is just excellent!! I too am a visual learner and just love this. Your explanation is perfect and I really appreciate you taking the time to put the video together. Thank you!

  • Caramel Moose Cupcakes on said:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Here’s another visual learner. I’ve been searching the web for a tutorial on how to establish cost’s for my cupcakes and I’ve found it. Thanks a bunch. I’m ready to roll!

    • Jennifer on said:

      Tom, Yes – since you input the quantity you can use whichever measurements are best suited to how you cook in the kitchen. Hope that helps!

  • Emmy Reimann on said:

    Hi Jennifer,
    so glad to have found your website through Cookie Connection! You have done a great job, thank you!
    Can I use the spreadsheet also on my ipad or does it only work on a regular computer?
    You memtioned Mac’s but I’m not sure if the ipad falls under that category.

    Thanks, Emmy

    • Jennifer on said:

      I haven’t tested the spreadsheet on an iPad but believe that as long as you have Mac Numbers or Excel that is accessible on your iPad then it should be ok. However, you wouldn’t really be able to save any of the information very well so a laptop or desktop might be a better option. Thanks!