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April 7, 2014

Sales of Specialty Food Products Soar (INFOGRAPHIC)

customer salesA new report by the Specialty Food Association shows that consumers have a taste for specialty food products. Sales for specialty food products hit $88 Billion in 2013 which is a 18.4% increase since 2011. The sales are not just at specialty stores and supermarkets but also foodservice venues such as restaurants, casinos, and cruise ships are purchasing specialty products for their guests as well.

“U.S. consumers are more sophisticated and discerning about their food choices than ever before,” Ron Tanner, vice president of philanthropy, government and industry relations for the Specialty Food Association, said in a press release. “Retailers and restaurants of all kinds are responding by offering more specialty foods crafted by makers of artisanal cheeses, innovative vinegars, and health-oriented snacks.”

sales of artisan food products

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