July 24, 2014

It’s No Longer One-Stop Shopping For Food Consumers

shoppingSupermarkets are nervous and they have every right to be because how – and where – consumers shop for food is changing.  For food brands who are looking to get your products onto store shelves, this is important to know.

A recent report by Deloitte, titled 2013 American Pantry, found that consumers are willing to take the time to source their desired products and ingredients by visiting upwards of five different types of stores until they find exactly what they want.  This means that in one week alone your average consumer may shop online for food as well as in a supermarket, in a specialty store, in a convienance store, and at a mass retailer like a Costco or Sam’s Club.  Whereas supermarkets used to garner the lion’s share of consumers’ food spending, it looks to be spreading out.

Does this mean that the days of ‘Stop-&-Shopping’ are over for good?  It’s probably a little too early to be making funeral arrangements for supermarkets but for food brands that want to get onto store shelves, this is an opportunity to capture sales even if you aren’t necessarily in supermarkets.  Remember, you need to be where your consumers shop and these days, it appears, they’re shopping at a whole lot more places.

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