September 8, 2014

Make No Mistake – The Food Business Is About Sales

online_wholesale_storeI hear from entrepreneurs all the time who share with me how great their products are and wonder why they just can’t seem to generate enough sales.  Unfortunately, simply being a great product is not enough.

As I sometimes joke, there is no ‘build it and they will come’* when it comes to food business sales.  No matter how great your products are your job as the entrepreneur is much more than just making your product.  You have to actively determine how you are going to market your products and take a central role in selling them.  That may mean picking up the phone and making cold calls to retailers or press.

Trust me, I cringe when I have to reach out to people I may not know well and try to make a sale.  Some people are natural salespeople but that’s not me and I will do just about anything to avoid sales.  Need me to do some laundry, change the oil in your car, and produce 1000 units of your product?  I’d happily do that over making just one sales call.

But products don’t sell without a strong and sincere effort behind them to get them to sell.  Buyers – be their store buyers or regular customers – won’t just drop out of the sky unless you’re working night and day to 1. get them to know about you 2. get them interested enough in purchasing from you 3. actually convincing them to make that purchase.

If you’re like me, the sales aspect of your business is a long, painful slog.  But you either need to dedicate yourself to it or commit some money to hiring the right person to do it for you because it is absolutely critical to the success of your business.  Because without sales, even great products can’t survive.

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2 comments on “Make No Mistake – The Food Business Is About Sales

  • Charlie Mackenzie on said:

    Another beautifully written piece Jennifer, I want to add just one more line for your readers which I have heard about marketing and has really stuck with me.

    A mediocre product well marketed will outsell a great product badly marketed.