August 17, 2015

Top 25 Innovative Consumer Brands For 2015

innovative small companiesI realize that we’re not yet at that time of year where everyone starts doing their ‘year end wrap-ups’ but Forbes, with help from CircleUp, recently released their pick for the top 25 innovative consumer brands for the year and a fair number of food products and food concepts made the list.

This is the third year that CircleUp, a funding platform for consumer brands that connects brands with investors, and Forbes have created this list because they wanted to differentiate consumer and retail companies from technology companies where ‘innovation’ may have a completely different meaning.

Take a few minutes to check out who made the list by clicking here.  I’d love to know your thoughts too.  Do you think this list is accurate?  Anyone not on here who you think should be?

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2 comments on “Top 25 Innovative Consumer Brands For 2015

  • Lara on said:

    Having done an in store promotion at a King Soopers in Ft. Collins that sold 1226 units, which is right outside the home base for Noosa, I can tell you they are worthy of the list.

    Its the best yoghurt out there! Store was running a sale and Noosa is well known in Ft. Collins, but I’ve never seen a promotion like this. We had a parfait bar in which customers could choose their flavor and pick out various toppings.

    We sold 1500-1600 units on Saturday and Sunday. We were giving out vouchers because the store was running out of product. Our promotion was to end on Monday but we did not do it since the store was getting complaints because customers did not want the vouchers, they wanted the product!

    • Jennifer on said:

      Any promotion that has a response like that is a great promotion (and, obviously, a great product too!).