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The Soup To Nuts Small Business Tradeshow Guide

The Soup To Nuts Small Business Tradeshow Guide

What every artisan, craftsman, and handmade entrepreneur needs to know about growing their wholesale business through tradeshows.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your products in catalogs, showcased in prestigious online stores, stocked in boutiques, or carried by brand-name retailers, then trade shows can be one of the most efficient ways to get your products seen by retail buyers. But trade shows can also be incredibly expensive and intimidating for entrepreneurs who don’t have a million-dollar marketing budget or a staff of sales people.

Written for the solopreneur or small-business entrepreneur with a specific focus on artisans, this guide takes you through the steps necessary to successfully exhibit at trade shows. If you’re looking to grow the wholesale side of your business via tradeshows, this is the one resource you need.

Topics Include:
*   Finding the right trade show for your business
*   Understanding the difference between buyers, distributors, brokers, and sales representatives and the role each of them plays
*   Knowing how to price your products right so that you make money even when selling wholesale
*   Learning key wholesale terms used in business
*   Uncovering what to take into account before, during, and after a trade show to make it a success
*   And a checklist to help you keep everything on track and on time!

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