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Workshops & Tools

Books, Webinars, & Consulting

In an effort to help you make your business as successful as possible, there are a number of resources available to artisan food business owners in addition to the free information available on this site.


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Small Food Business Books

Food business books written specifically for artisan food entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for the basics on how to start a part-time food business or a food truck, are looking for inspiration and advice from other food entrepreneurs, or are hoping to expand into selling wholesale to retailers, these books can help you get your dreams…

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Coaching & Consulting

Entrepreneurship is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.  If you’re finding it hard to know which way to turn next, business development and accountability coaching or consulting can help get you and keep you on the right track.  Together we’ll evaluate where your business is today and outline strategies to help you get your…

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Affordable Nutrition Facts Labels

Small Food Business is proud to now be able to offer affordable custom nutrition facts labels for artisan food producers.  This important packaging component is a critical step in taking your business to the next level.  It’s not just stores that look for nutrition labels, consumers rely on them when making buying decisions. With this new…

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e-Books & Quick Reference Guides

Designed to provide you with straight forward (aka – no ‘marketing speak’ about leveraging the low-hanging fruit) and practical guidance on a wide range of food business entrepreneurship topics, these e-books will help you beef up your knowledge in the areas you need help with at a cost your small business budget can afford.  More e-books are being…

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Food Product Cost & Pricing Tool

To be successful in the food business you need to know what your products’ Cost Of Goods are (how much it costs you to make your products) and you need to price those products appropriately so that you make money.  But with so many different distribution channels open to you – selling direct to customers, selling wholesale…

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On Demand Online Classes

On demand online food business classes that enable you to learn on your schedule and at your own pace. Home Made: How To Start A Home-Based Food Business – $89 This 3+hour online on-demand course covers all aspects of starting and running a home-based food business from understanding the regulations you might face to business…

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Seattle Area Classes

Do you live in the Seattle area or are you planning a trip to the Emerald City?  Join one of our in-person food business and entrepreneurship courses which are offered several times a year.  In these classes we cover the specifics of starting a food business, including required permits for Washington food businesses, how to…

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Small Food Business is proud to offer these upcoming webinars for food business entrepreneurs.  While taking part in the live webinar is always encouraged, we know you’re busy so all webinars are recorded.  Registered participants receive a copy of the recording so that you can watch the webinars at a time that’s convenient for you.  Space…

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