Food Business Tools

Based on requests from entrepreneurs, we’ve developed tools specific to the food industry that will help keep your production and finances in order and on the right track. Scroll down to see our full list and know that more will be added soon. Do you have a specific production or financial question? Let us know by emailing info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com and let’s see if we can develop a tool that might be able to help you and help other entrepreneurs at the same time.  (Please remove the words in parathensis above and replace with the appropriate symbols.  We write it out like this to deter spambots.)

inventory predictionFood Sales & Par Worksheet

A predictive analysis tool that helps you more accurately determine how much product inventory you need to have on hand to satisfy customer demand based on your historic sales while also taking into account variability such as the impact weather may have on your sales. This tool, available for $70 by clicking here, also includes a robust reporting featuring to help you make solid strategic business decisions. Click here to view a short 90-second introductory video about the tool. A complete step-by-step video is also available by clicking here.


food business pricing spreadsheet

Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet

To be successful in the food business you need to know what your products’ Cost Of Goods are (how much it costs you to make your products) and you need to price those products appropriately so that you make money.  But with so many different distribution channels open to you – selling direct to customers, selling wholesale to retailers, working with distributors, working with brokers, etc. – how do you develop a pricing strategy that will enable you to grow, make money, and provide the end consumers with a price that leaves them feeling like they’re getting value for what they pay?

This is, without a doubt, the one of the most critical piece of your food business .  Believe it or not, this is as important – if not more so! – than having great recipes!

The Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator was designed by Small Food Business to help you calculate  your specific product costs and provide pricing guidance.  Priced at $49.00, this custom Excel spreadsheet can be used for all of your recipes now and for years to come.  Written instructions and an example are included with the spreadsheet too.  There is also a step-by-step video on how to use the spreadsheet that you can view by clicking here.

Click here to purchase the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator in US currency.
Click here to purchase the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator in UK currency.
Click here to purchase the Food Product Cost  & Pricing Calculator in EU currency.
Click here to purchase the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator in AUS currency.

Unfortunately alternative currencies are not available.  However, the spreadsheet doesn’t do any actual currency conversion so it is possible to purchase one of the above spreadsheets for alternative currencies and simply know that for everywhere there is US, UK, AUS, or EU currency symbol it is actually representative of your countries currency.

Read Cookie Connection’s complete Dough to Dollars series that uses the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator.  This was a non-paid third-party independent review.


distributor food broker negotiation

 Distributor/Broker Negotiation Cheat Sheet

Make sure you’re always staying profitable with this free cheat sheet to help you as you negotiate with distributors and brokers.  Simply put in your product costs and wholesale price and this spreadsheet will calculate what your profit is at various distributor % margins and brokers’ fees.   Must have access to Microsoft Excel in order to work with this spreadsheet.

Click here to purchase this free Cheat Sheet.