April 5, 2011

Parking Laws & Mustard Mayhem

Two recent food truck news bits came my way that I wanted to share:

  • Manhattan Users Guide recently wrote about the newest food truck to hit the streets and I think it deserves mention due to it’s innovative business model.  What’s it selling you ask?  Burgers? Hot Dogs? Cookies perhaps?  The Colonel Mustard Food Truck is a condiment food truck with the goal in mind of parking near other more tradiational food trucks and upping the foodie anti by offering unique and delicious condiments to go with the goodies you just purchased.  Don’t believe me?  Read about it here!


  • According to Businessweek.com, a group of approximately 100 food truck vendors are suing the city of Monrovia for new parking laws that prohibit food trucks from parking and serving in certain sections of the city.