April 8, 2011

Add This To Your TV Viewing Schedule

My little neighborhood is all abuzz about the fact that our own little local doughnut shop will be on Food Network.  This Sunday at 10pm EST, Food Network Challenge: Doughnut Champions will air and, as it turns out, not only will my own little local doughnut shop be featured but one of the other competitors will be yet another Seattle doughnut shop.  Who knew that Seattle was such a doughnut-haven!

Food Network Challenge: Doughnut Challenge pits four doughnut makers from around the country against one another through two rounds of scoring and a masterpiece doughnut-building competition.  Seattle will be showcasing two of our own best doughnut makers – Top Pot Doughnuts (really amazing old-fashioned doughnuts) and Mighty O (my local shop which makes delicious vegan doughnuts….trust me, they’re so good!).   It’s like the Final Four of doughnuts and with two hometown teams in the finals I’m not sure who to root for!

If you want to see who takes home the sweet prize be sure to tune in to Food Network this Sunday.