April 11, 2011

Taxes & Small Food Businesses

As Ben Franklin so famously said – “Nothing can be said to be certain except taxes and death.”  So, in honor of personal income tax returns being due this week (April 15th in case you don’t already know!) I thought nothing would be more fun then devoting an entire week to taxes. (Is that a loud groan I just heard?)   Sadly, taxes are an integral part of running a small business.  The IRS doesn’t care if you’re a food entrepreneur, a woodworking craftsman, or a Wall Street WonderKid – they want tax returns from each and every one of us!

 So for Tax Week I’ve pulled together this schedule of posts for your reading enjoyment:

Tuesday: Tax Battle Royale – Amazon vs. the State of Illinois

Wednesday: Is Your Business A Business Or A Hobby In The Eyes Of The IRS

Thursday: Guest Post! How Do You Know When It’s Time To Hire A Bookkeeper?

Friday: How Potential Tax Law Changes May Impact Food Entrepreneurs  

It should be a fun tax-filled week!  Hope you join in the conversation.