April 18, 2011

Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

I didn’t mean to have two theme weeks back-to-back but with Earth Day this Friday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about eco-friendly packaging options.   Depending on what and how you sell your food, packaging can say a great deal about your company and can add to your brand.   And whether ‘natural’ is a part of that brand or it’s simply something you want to incorporate into your business for the good of the Earth, the good news is that there are more eco-friendly food packaging options then ever before. So in honor of Earth Day, I’m going to highlight four eco-friendly food packaging providers:

  • Tuesday April 19: Vegware – the makers of eco-friendly take-away boxes, cutlery, and plates/cups/etc;
  • Wednesday April 20: NatureFlex – the maker of the only biodegradable cellophane bag that is carbon-neurtral to produce;
  • Thursday April 21: Label Impressions – the only US manufacturer of eco-friendly labels;
  • Friday April 22: We’ll tie the whole week up with a look at Cream City Ribbon’s biodegradable ribbons. 

These are by no means the only eco-friendly food packaging providers out there but the goals of the week are to  provide an overview of the different options available and a starting point for anyone looking for eco-friendly food packaging.   It should be noted that none of the above companies are paid placements.  I know about these companies because I or other food entrepreneurs I know use their products but none of these are paid reviews nor did I or anyone affiliated with this site receive free product in exchange for a review.