April 21, 2011

Sticking With Eco-Friendly Labels

Labels can make or break a product.  A beautifully-designed logo goes to waste if it isn’t out in front of your customers which is where labels can come into play.  A label on any type of box or bag will help customers identify you company and they’ll start to associate that logo with your delicious goodies.   While at first you may choose to simply print your logo on stock labels you purchase from an office supply store, when you’re at the point where you’re selling more and more products it makes economica sense to have the labels professionally printed.  If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option you definitely need to check out Label Impressions

A southern California company, Label Impressions are on the forefront of eco-friendly labels.  Did you know that there are tree-free labels that feel like silk but stick like traditional labels?  Did you know that you can make scratch-and-sniff labels?  Honestly, the options they have available are a little overwhelming but the good folks at Label Impressions can walk you through all of the choices so that you can find a lable that’s good for the environment and in line with the brand image you’ve developed.