April 22, 2011

Eco-friendly Ribbon

This picture on the Cream City Ribbon website is enough to make you do a double-take.  What a colorful birds nest!   Cream City Ribbon, based inMilwaukee, creates a line of eco-friendly and, what they bill as, biodegradable* ribbon. CreamCityRibbon can also accommodate organic and recycled ribbon custom orders.   Made from responsibly-grown cotton, the company has taken pains to produce beautiful, vibrant ribbon printed with soy-based inks that will accentuate any packaging.  From a food safety standpoint, their ribbon is certified by the US Department of Agriculture for indirect food contact so that means the ribbon can be added to your packaging but can’t actually touch any of the food that is being sold for consumption. 

*Cream City Ribbon backs up their biodegradable claim with the following information on their website: An article in the Journal of North American Benthological Society (March 2007) reported that cotton fabric strips and fallen leaves decay in the same way and time frame when exposed to the same environmental conditions.  Since Cream City Ribbon® has no cross threads, and is bonded with a water-soluble adhesive, it is reasonable to assume that it would decompose faster than a similar-sized strip of woven cotton.