April 26, 2011

Gremlins In The Kitchen

Most days working in a commercial kitchen is enjoyable.  It can certainly be tiring being on your feet all day but it’s fun to be creative and make something by hand that others enjoy. 

And then there are those days, like yesterday for me, when Gremlins show up.   Gremlins are to blame when burners don’t work, ovens won’t hold heat, and chocolate suddenly siezes without warning.  Gremlins are  reasons cookies burn and dishwashers malfunction.  And even if you don’t feel it, Gremlins are the ones who push you so that you drop a 25# bag of flour all over the floor.

I’m absolutely exhausted after a full day in the kitchen but can’t say I actually got anything accomplished yesterday.  I certainly tried but those darn Gremlins kept getting in the way.  Do you have a favorite Gremlin story?