April 28, 2011

A Royal Ordeal

I was going to let the Royal Wedding pass without comment until I was bombarded by the TV talking heads who were showcasing all the “Royal” stuff  one could buy.  Apparently one of the hottest selling items are cupcakes made by the same company that is making THE cake itself.   Of course if you don’t have a flight booked to London yet and can’t get yourself to Harrods to get some of those cupcakes, there seem to be a myriad of food entrepreneurs on this side of the pond who are taking advantage of the royal excitment.  For example, I just heard that a local cupcake shop here will be featuring cupcakes bedazzled in dark blue sugar (supposedly reminiscent of the engagement ring) and plenty of tea shops are hosting special events and cooking up the best in British dishes to serve.

One of the best things in my mind about being a small food entrepreneur is how quickly small businesses can make things happen.  While a large food manufacturer would have had to start planning special Will & Kate items months ago, a small food company can make the decision on the fly and see what happens.   While I have no plans to watch the event live – it starts at 1am here on the West Coast…this is exactly why the DRV was invented! – I may very well stop by the cupcake store for my very own sparkly blue cupcake with which I’ll toast the newly married couple and wish them a sweet life together.