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May 9, 2011

Are You Advertising On FaceBook?

Are you advertising your company on FaceBook?  Because your competitors probably are!  A recent report on online display ads for 3rd Quarter 2010, published by ComScore, shows that FaceBook has taken the lead in the online ad wars and now accounts for 23% of display ad impressions in the US.  Of the nearly 1.3 trillion online ads displayed to US internet users in Q3 2010, that means 297 billion were on FaceBook.  Yahoo follows with 140 billion (11%), and Google comes in, surprisingly, with only 35 billion (2.7%).

What the report doesn’t mean though is the actual success of that advertising.  Simply because FaceBook shows an ad hundreds (or billions!) of times doesn’t mean it’s having the hoped-for result.  The real question is how many times are those ads being clicked on!

Have you ever done any online advertising to drum up business?  Which company (companies?) did you use and was it successful?