May 16, 2011

Daily Deals for Foodies

If you’re familiar with Groupon or Living Social then you’re familiar with the concept of online couponing that has seemingly swept the nation.  While these sites are a great way for customers to get a deal on a local service or business, the strength of these sites lay in offering deals to a location-targeted audience.   Daily Gourmet takes the same basic concept and applies it in a different manner.  Instead of focusing on location, Daily Gourmet targets ‘foodies’ and shares with them deals from artisan food producers all around the country.   What’s even more interesting is that unlike most couponing sites, Daily Gourmet is committed to helping those small food businesses grow  now and in the future.

I spoke with Stacy Goldberg, Head Nutritionist and Director of Community Relations for Daily Gourmet, about what the site is hoping to achieve.   A self-described product fanatic, Stacy is a nutritionist and entrepreneur.  She started What’s In Your Cart™, a wellness and nutrition counseling company dedicated to helping people live a healthier and more holistic life, and has received public acclaim for her commitment to ‘clean eating.’

Tell Me About Daily Gourmet.

Daily Gourmet is focused on connecting artisan food producers with a wider national audience.  We want to be able to show our community and teach the members of our community how to use these products.  My goal is to teach them what we can do with that product and how we can cook with it and bake with it and think outside the box when using it.   

With so many coupon and deal sites out there, how does Daily Gourmet differ from the rest?

I think the difference for us vs. other deal sites is that our customers are highly targeted and passionate about food. We are very very specific whereas others are much more general – Daily Gourmet is solely focused on food.  Many producers want the targeted audience and we are 100% focused on specialty food.  The other benefit is that our customer base is national.  Many other offer sites are just local so this is really exposing customers to products from all over the country. 

The other interesting thing about Daily Gourmet is that we are very customizable and personalized for the customer.  When you sign up you indicate your dietary restrictions or what food products you would like to see emailed to you.  That way if you’re a vegetarian you aren’t getting emails about meat products all day!

As a nutritionist, how does your background and experience come to bear at Daily Gourmet?

My passion and my desire is to find and source a variety of food products regardless of your dietary lifestyle.  At Daily Gourmet we look at and sample every product we feature and I really look for products that keep the ingredient list as short as possible.  We really want to try and limit processed foods and focus on those products that keep the ingredients as natural and limited as possible.  And in every food category we’re trying to find healthier options so, for example, products that contain no trans fats.  This doesn’t mean all our products are necessarily nutritious but, for example, I would love to find source a vegan cinnamon roll that contains no high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats. 

What value do you think Daily Gourmet has for customers?

The value to a consumer is that they will be exposed to products that they won’t typically see in a grocery store.  We are excited to be able to feature products and expose people to a variety of product they may never have seen.   With each producer we feature we’re also trying to offer a sample of products so that customers can get a sense of the range of products that producer offers.  Our offersa re typically between 40-50% off retail so customers can get a good sample of what the producer offers at a discounted price.  That gives the customer a reason to test out a product they’ve never heard of before.  We really want to encourage people to experiment with new foods and inspire them to cook with new flavors in every product category.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of the conversation with Daily Gourmet where the focus will turn to the food producer side of this equation.  In the meantime, if you’d like to check out Daily Gourmet and sign up for their delicious deals click here.

2 comments on “Daily Deals for Foodies

  • Gail on said:

    Just a couple of questions: When a person uses Daily Gourmet, are they allowed to order multiple times at the 40-50% discount, or are they limited to ordering the first time only at a discount with the hope that they will come back and order at full price thereafter? Do you sell fresh produce through Daily Gourmet, or only value-added products? Do wholesale distributors use your site, or just individuals? A vendor who would be selling at 50% discount may be selling below cost, so I’m wondering how long a vendor can keep that up? If this is just to introduce people to new products, great!

    • Jennifer on said:

      Because this article was written and published a while ago, I’d recommend you contact Daily Gourmet directly as I’m unsure what their current strategy is and how they work with food businesses these days. Small Food Business is not affiliated with Daily Gourmet so I wouldn’t want to give you any false or misleading information.