May 17, 2011

Selling Food On Daily Gourmet

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of a conversation with Stacy Goldberg, head nutritionist and Director of Community Relations for Daily Gourmet, an online deal site dedicated to artisan food companies.  Today the focus will turn to food producers and what benefit there is in selling via Daily Gourmet and how producers can get their products featured.

Why should artisan food producers consider selling on Daily Gourmet?

We give producers exposure that they may not necessarily have through the Daily Gourmet marketing channels.  For each of our producers we put together a snapshot that includes beautiful photographs of their products, an unbelievable write-up of them, and we tell the marketing story that they may not have necessarily had before.   That story helps us bridge the gap between the artisan food producers and the people who are looking for these products.  To connect with these producers who have a passion is what is important to us.

The other benefit for producers is that we are here for the long term for them.  With other voucher models you have an offer and it’s promoted once and the producer doesn’t see any follow up.  Our goal is to offer follow up services that help create repeat customers.  So, for example, if you purchased hemp granola bars in January you will get an email several months later offering you lower discount on the same hemp bars to remind you to purchase them again.

We are really focused on helping the artisan food producers’ business grow long term.  We connect them with our greater community of food bloggers, distributors, culinary arts professionals, etc and get them involved in a world that they may never have had a connection before.   We’re excited to provide producers with the opportunity to build relationships with customers, distributors, and the greater culinary world.

 How does Daily Gourmet find these artisan food producers?                 

I am responsible for setting all the guidelines but we are sourcing producers from across the country and are constantly searching food sites, gourmet food sites, traveling to food blogs, etc.  Based on my years in the food industry I have many established relationships that we utilize to find new and interesting producers but eventually we plan on having a sales team that is located all around the country because we know the importance of going to niche stores and farmers’ markets and finding these small producers. 

The opportunities are endless – there are new products every day and there are unlimited resources to find these producers.  But we also feel strongly about the fact that we have guidelines and standards that must be followed.  Before we feature a product we sample it so we can look at the product, touch it taste it, and I review all the nutritional information.

If you’re looking for small producers isn’t there a concern that they may not be able to create enough product to meet Daily Gourmet demand?

We actually limit the number of products sold based on what the producer is comfortable with.  We realize that we’re working with small producers but at the same time we want to offer our customers exceptional customer service so we will work with the producer to determine what quantity they feel they can produce and ship within three days of an order being placed.  At all points along the way we want to producer to feel comfortable working with us and see it as beneficial to their business.

So if a small food business believes they might have a great product for your site how can they get their goods in front of the Daily Gourmet team?

More information for producers is available on the producer section of the Daily Gourmet site or they can call us at 877-332-4029.

More information about Daily Gourmet and to sign up for their delicious deals is available by clicking here.