May 31, 2011

Food Product Labeling

Several weeks ago I posted about the jail time one baker received for mislabeling his products.  With potentially life-threatening food allergies as well as customers’ own dietary preferences, labeling is a critical piece of a food business that you need to take seriously.  While most important for any business that packages their food products, labeling in this case can also refer to restaurant menus that list out ingredients or any other time or place where customers may want to know what’s in the product you’re selling.  In addition to the risks that mislabeling (even if accidentally) can cause to your customers and your business, even misuse of popular terminology in your advertising can came back as a big financial headache!   This week we’ll look at the some of the regulations surrounding labeling your food products as containing functional benefits, calling your product ‘Natural,’ or claiming that it’s ‘Organic.’