June 1, 2011

Natural Food Labeling

‘Natural’ is one of the hottest terms in the food world right now and it seems like every product is touting how natural it is.  Interesting, natural – as well as terms like ‘free-range’ and ‘sustainably-harvested,’ are not regulated by the government.  Most people associate ‘Natural’ with food that is minimally processed, free of synthetic preservatives and additives, and other articifical colros and flavors.  Truth is, chances are that if you’re making your food products by hand (and choosing your ingredients with care) they likely fall under the broad ‘Natural’ definition.

Since there currently is no government oversight for this term, it is possible to label and market your product as ‘Natural.”  Be forewarned though that customers who value natural products are generally (broad generalization!) astute label readers and there’s no quicker way to lose customer than by marketing your product as natural when your ingredient list indicates otherwise.