June 13, 2011

Intrigue Chocolates Co.

I had the pleasure to spend some time on Friday catching up with Aaron Barthel, founder and Experimenter Extraordinaire of Intrigue Chocolates Co.    Aaron was featured in my first book, Starting A Part-Time Business, where he shared with me his experiences of starting an artisan truffle company while he also worked not one but several other jobs.  That story ended with Aaron saying that he was working on moving out tof he shared kitchen space he rented and into a workshop of his own.  

I’m so excited to share that after a lot of hard work, Aaron has done just that and opened up a beautiful space in the heart of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.  I only had my phone with me but I did manage to snap a few pictures:

I also had to get a picture of some of the spices Aaron uses to create his unique and delicious flavors:

If you’re a Seattle local or will be visiting this beautiful city at any point, be sure to check out Intrigue Chocolates Co. workspace at 76 S. Washington Street.  When you stop by you’ll be treated to a free tasting of all the flavors Aaron has available at that time and you will undoubtably want to bring some home!   In case you’re not in the area you can also purchase Aaron’s chocolates through the Intrigue Chocolates Co. website.  Right now the flavors he’s offering are cleverly conceived of to be perfect for Father’s Day with Cabernet Sauvignon, Scotch, and Bourbon flavors.  While they’re all delicious the Jamacian HOT Chocolate still remains my favorite as the flavor profile just unrolls on your tongue like nothing I’ve ever had before.  I would like to be able to tell you that I bought some for my Dad for Father’s Day but the truth is that the truffles I took home with me are already gone!