June 20, 2011

Help A Reporter Out

If you are looking to get some press for your food company or food product there is no better source then Help A Reporter Out (also known as HARO).  Given it’s cost – which is free – the smartest public relations move you can make is to sign up for these thrice-daily emails which include interview requests from top journalists, publications, and blogs around the country. 

This free subscription service attracts journalists from top-notch newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and blogs.  These journalists submit their interview and expert requests for stories they are actively working on which are emailed out three times a day to the subscribers.  All you have to do is look through the requests and determine if any of them are inline with your business or are on a topic you can speak knowledgeably about and, if so, you contact the journalist directly – all free!  While it’s important to always be on-targer with your emails, and not doing so can get you banned from HARO, you do need to have a creative approach to the definition of your business.  Rather than simply limited  yourself to journalists who are looking for small food business owners, your background and experience might also make you a good source for sstoreis about career-changers, people who turned grandma’s secret recipe into a business, or small businesses that utilize social media as a marketing strategy.  

Since you can unsubscribe from the email database at any time and your information is not shared with any third parties, this is really just about the easiest and cheapest public relations technique you can use!

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