June 28, 2011

Fresh, Never Frozen

It’s definitely hard to complain as I sit here typing this overlooking the Tuscan view in front of me.   After some last minute issues that threatened to cancel the trip, my better half and I were sent off and on our way.   I have to keep this short today as we’re getting ready to take a train into Florence, but I do have a longer post in the works about the winemaker at the winery we’re staying at.   In the meantime though I have found one thing I definitely want to bring back to the States.  Back in Seattle, restaurants are required to warn you that undercooked meats could lead to serious illness so at the bottom of every menu this is written for all to see.  Here however the menus denote which menu items might contain frozen ingredients.  At first I though it was an anomaly and just something one restaurant did but I noticed it time and time again so I asked one waiter.  Turns out that in Tuscany it’s required for restaurants to alert patrons to ingredients they use that may not be fresh.   This, I believe, is something we need to start indicating to restaurant customers back home.  There is plenty of debate about enabling customers to make the healthier food choice for themselves by providing calories and fat content – so why not let people see which ingredients in their food are fresh and which are frozen and allow that to be part of the choice people make?