July 1, 2011

Off To Swtizerland

My husband and I are leaving Tuscany in a few minutes for 9+ hours of train travel (thankfully we both love trains!) and heading to Zermatt, Switzerland.  Home to the Matterhorn, Zermatt holds a very special place in my heart.  My family and I lived overseas most of my pre-highschool life and while growing up we did a four-year stint in Egypt.  As it was not easy to get back and forth from Egypt to the US very often, my family instead started vacationing in Switzerland which was easier to get to and, at that time, pretty cheap to visit thanks to a strong US dollar.   During those four years we took countless trips to Zermatt and that’s where I was truly introduced to the European way of life.

Perhaps it’s because I was finally old enough to have a handle on my surroundings, but Zermatt was magical to me.  There was the fresh bread smell that rose from the bakery down the street and floated up to my hotel room to wake me up every morning with my mouth watering.  There were the delicious handmade Swiss chocolates that I distinctly remember desperately counting my coins to see if I had enough money to purchase one white chocolate truffle.  And there was the “crepe lady,” as we kids called her, who ran a very small nighttime creperie that was apparently the go-to place for everyone in town after dinner every night as the place was jam packed.   I would argue that she was the one who inspired me to go into the small food business world as my first business plan, one that I came very close to putting into action, was for a creperie at one of the Rocky Mountain ski resorts.  I’ve been told that the Crepe Lady is still there so I’m looking forward to stopping by again, perhaps nightly, and enjoying that little slice of magical Zermatt.