July 28, 2011

Make Twitter Work For You

At first glance Twitter seems like millions of different conversations all going on at once.  How can you break through the virtual clutter to read things that interest you and share your thoughts with those who actually want to hear what you’re saying?  Obviously, starting to build a strong list of followers and following those people and companies who interest you is the first step.  Beyond that though, Twitter also has a search tool that you can use to track conversations.

Twitter’s search tool can help you keep track fo what people are saying about you, about competitors, and about specific topics that interest you.  You can set up searches for your company name, your twitter handle, phrases specific t your business, and anything elses that may be of interest to you.  Then when you see someone mention, for example, that they want to know what kind of apples to use in an apple pie, something you are an expert in, you can tweet-in with a response.  Once again, by engaging in the Twitter community and offering information will endear you to people on Twitter and help you build real relationships with those people.  This is a much more effective strategy than simply using Twitter to post a bunch of business promotions all the  time. 

As a followup to yesterday’s post about the @ sign, if you are replying to someone’s request about what apples are best for an apple pie you would want to reply to them using @personsname in the beginning of the tweet.  This will ensure that the person you’re responding to will see your tweet as it goes into their @mentions tab on Twitter so they can view it at a later time even if they aren’t on Twitter right then.

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