Marketing, Technology

August 2, 2011

Google+ and Facebook Stare One Another Down

If social media marketing is part of your small food business marketing strategy (and really, it should be!) then, if you’ve not already done so, you’ve undoubtably thought about starting a Google+ and Facebook business page.   Not surprisingly, Facebook is non to pleased with Google+ and is doing everything they can to maintain their sumo-sized position in the social networking space.  As such, Google+ and Facebook have started an arms race of sorts to prove to consumers and businesses why theirs should be the social networking site of choice.   There is no clear winner yet so if you’d like to hedge your bets take a moment to read the following articles that give more insight into how to make each site work best for your marketing goals:

  • Facebook recently created a Facebook for Business page to show businesses how they can best utilize the site.  The information here is nothing new for those businesses that have been on Facebook for a while, but now all the information is easily accessible and is a great resource for Facebook Business newbies.
  • Google+, not wanting to be left behind, also recently created a Help page to walk users through all that Google+ offers them. 
  • At this time Google+ is not available to individual businesses but word has it that they will roll out their business beta testing, available to everyone, in the next few months.  So if you’d like to be an early Google+ Business adopter keep an eye out for announcements.