August 5, 2011

Artisan Food Product Review – Gallolea Organics

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About once every two weeks, Friday night in my house becomes pizza night.  Lest you think that I just order out and have any old pizza delivered, let me tell you that pizza in my house is serious business.  Not only do I make my own dough, I’ve gone so far as to buy Tipo ‘OO’ flour which is the same thing used by pizza-loving Italian chefs.   We top this dough with homemade sauce and ingredients from our local farmers market for the perfect ending to the week.

The only problem with pizza night is the advance planning that has to happen in order for me to make it happen.  My favorite pizza dough recipe requires a night of resting in the fridge before it’s used which means if Friday afternoon rolls around and I’ve forgotten to make the dough I do need to start thinking about calling the delivery guys.   Which is why I was so excited to find and buy* Gallolea Organics pizza dough kits.   Made by hand in Ashville NC, these kits promise pizza in 30 minutes and include the pizza dough mix, pizza sauce, and parchment paper.  All you need to add is your cheese and toppings of choice.

One of my favorite aspects of Gallolea Organics is that they offer gluten-free pizza kits.  I’ve been trying to incorporate more gluten-free meals into my household so I was interested to give it a try.   Without telling my husband, I mixed up a batch of gluten-free dough (all you add is water), topped with the included sauce and our favorite ingredients, and then baked it according to the enclosed directions. 

I won’t lie – I was skeptical of how it would turn out.  Could gluten-free pizza really taste as good as my own favorite recipe?   Would it be crispy (we’re a crispy-pizza crust household) or a soggy, wet mess?   I was pleasently surprised with the results.  The crust was indeed crispy and tasted so good that my husband didn’t know we were eating gluten-free dough.   Even better, when I had the last piece directly from the fridge for lunch on Saturday – because the true test of pizza dough is how it tastes the next day! – it was still crispy and delicious.  I’m excited to stock some of these pizza kits in my cupboard to pull out on those days I forget to make my dough in advance or when I simply want to prepare a gluten-free meal.

*This is not a paid product review.  This product was purchased by me – not sent for free in exchange for a review.*

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  • Susan Devitt on said:

    This is Susan and Tom at GalloLea, and aren’t we surprised to see this wonderful review! We talk to so many people who carry on a tradition of Pizza Night in their family, and we are honored to become part of that. We get quite a few phone calls and e-mails from gluten free folks who actually take the time to thank us for making a yummy pizza! You can’t imagine how that makes our day! Starting up a food company is a tough job, but reviews like these make it less so, it’s the pay-off and reward, thanks so much!