August 16, 2011

Food Photography 101

Several people contacted me after this post wanting to know more about how to take good product photographs of their food on their own and save on the expense of a food photographer.   Since I have always been frank about not being a great photographer (but it’s one of the things I really want to learn to do – it’s on my list with things like play the piano and get my French proficieny from tolerable to fluent…sigh…) I wouldn’t for a second even try to share my thoughts on food photography with you.   Luckily, there are plenty of other talented people out there who are willing to share their expertise.   UK blogger Slyvie of Gourmande in the Kitchen, a truly brilliant photographer, recently posted a series of informative food photography posts that are well worth reading regardless of whether you’re an old pro at food photography or a novice like me: