August 24, 2011

Tips For More Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Anytime you as a small food entrepreneur spend money on advertising you should be looking for some type of Return On Investment (ROI).  You want to know that for every dollar you spend you are making at least that back in sales.  One of the most cost effective methods of advertising out there available to small businesses is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model which is available on numerous websites like Google and Yahoo as well as social networking sites like Facebook. 

On the off chance you don’t already know this, PPC literally means what it sounds like – you only pay for your ad whenever anyone actually clicks on it.  That means that your ad may be shown to thousands of people, just like a magazine, radio, or television ad, but the only time you have to pay is when that person takes action and clicks on your ad to learn more about your product or company.  The beauty of PPC advertising, to many small businesses, is that you can put a limit on how much you spend in any given month so that you don’t find yourself with a bill you can’t pay.   If you have Google Analytics enabled on your website, or another analytics program, you can also effectively track how many of those PPC clicks came to your site, how much time they spent on the site, what they looked at, and whether or not they bought anything.   That’s powerful data you can use in the future as you contemplate other marketing and advertising campaigns as well as potential changes to your website.

The American Express Open Forum recently posted a great article containing 10 tips to make your PPC advertising more impactful and effective.  It’s well worth a read!