September 7, 2011

Artisan Food Product Review – Sassy Sweet Treats

My order of Sassy Sweet Treats mere minutes before they were devoured.

One of the best things in this world is a fresh, delicious cookie.  The only thing better is when that fresh, delicious cookie is delivered right to your door.  Which is why, mere minutes before leaving on a road trip, I was ecstatic to get a delivery from New Jersey-based Sassy Sweet Treats.

As a former professional pastry chef, cookies (or honestly, anything sweet!) are something I hold to high standards but these Sassy Sweet Treats had me won over in minutes.  The cookies themselves were soft, chunky, and full of flavor and the brownies were moist and oh-so-chocolatey.  The packaging and presentation of the treats was also beautiful despite the fact that they’d just made a cross-country trip.  In fact, one of the things I loved the most was that each cookie and each brownie was individually packaged in its own resealable bag so as to keep each treat fresh from the first bite to the last.

What really blew me away though were some of the unique flavor combinations Sassy Sweet Treats has come up with.  In addition to tried-and-true flavors like Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal, the creative minds in the kitchen also have knock-your-socks-off combinations like Oatmeal Toffee and even seasonally inspired cookies like their Red, White, and Blue cookie which is a mix of dried cherries, dried blueberries, and white chocolate.   

Between the generous size of the treats, the incredible flavors, and the beautiful packaging, these were without a doubt the best road trip snacks ever.  I also sent some to a friend in Colorado as a “I feel so guilty I can’t fly out for your baby shower” gift and she called to thank me letting me know that out of all the gifts she got, these goodies were her favorite which let me off the hook for not being able to make the shower.

 Want to try some for yourself?   Sassy Sweet Treats can be purchased online at or, if you live in the northernNew Jersey area, found at area farmers’ markets.

*This is not a paid product review.

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