September 19, 2011

The Power of Twitter Search

I’ve mentioned this before, but I was reminded about the full power of Twitter’s Search feature last week.  I was tweeting with somone and happened to say something along the lines of “I’ll be there with my cowgirl boots on.”  Within the hour I was “followed” by a cowgirl boot fashion company.  It was astounding to me how quickly they picked up on my tweet when the real meaning of the tweet had absolutely nothing to do with fashion or cowgirls (it had to do with eating, big surprise!).  How were they able to pick up on this so quickly?  My guess is that Twitter Search had a lot to do with with.

Twitter Search allows you to look for specific words being used in Tweets.  Best of all though, with Twitter you can save those searches so you can see who is talking about words that are of interest to you.  *See below for the instructional if you don’t already know how to do this.*

Why is this helpful?  As you’ve undoubtably heard over and over again, those people and companies who are truly able to leverage the power of Twitter are those who use it to engage in conversations with other people and companies.  Simply shouting your latest news and deals into the Twittersphere is a sure way to get people to tune out to you.  However, if you can build relationships with people then they will be more likely to try to your business or company.  And the easiest way to build relationships with people is if you talk with them about mutual topics of interest.  If, for example, you have a search for cowgirl boots saved in Twitter and you see someone talking about them you can jump into the conversation and offer your thoughts on the best brands, the best way to care for them, or the sale you saw at a local store where great deals on cowgirl boots can be had.  None of this has anything to do with your cookie business (as an example) but you are engaging with people over topics that you both care about and are interested in.  

Does this necessary mean that ever Twitter account you engage will turn into a business account?  Not at all.  But if you go about relationship-building with the intention of being truthful, honest, and because you are interested in talking with other people you will likely find that people will start to trust you and trust your business more.  You have to remember that the one-on-one personal relationship that small food businesses can offer their customers is one of their greatest strengths.  While the Big Brands have economies of scale to make and sell goods cheaper than you can, they have a much harder time talking to and building relationships with customers.  While it does take time on your end, creating Twitter Searches can help you create those relationships and build that trust with customers one at a time.  Best of all, it costs you nothing to do that!

*Twitter Search Instructional:

  • Log into your Twitter Account and put in a search word or search term in the black bar at the top of the page.  If you are putting in a phrase and want to see all words in that phrase you need to put the words between quotation (” “) marks.  Press Return.
  • Twitter will provide you with a list of Tweets that mention that word or phrase.
  • You can save this word or phrase by hitting the “Save This Search” button.
  • To access your Saved Searches later all you need to do is log into your Twitter account and click on the searches tab in the middle of the page.  You can save up to 25 searches and when you click on this tab you can choose which results you’d like to see.