September 20, 2011

Facebook Subscriptions

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have noticed that Facebook recently added a Subscribe option to people’s profiles.  The thinking behind this, it appears, is that you can now make posts of your choosing more widely available by making them open to the public.  It’s of your choosing because after you allow subscribers to your page you can decide which posts are seen by your subscribers and which are seen only by friends.   The beauty behind this is that posts that are made available to subscribers can be picked up by Facebook’s search feature which could lead to even more subscribers.

Now for the bad news – as of right now this option is only available for Profiles and not for Pages (as a reminder – brands and products typically set up Facebook Pages whereas human beings set up Profiles.)   The reason, I’m told, is that Facebook Pages are already open to the public and can be searched for on Facebook.   So while this new Subscribe feature may work well for a celebrity or politician, it may have little use for the average small business joe.   Except…

There are a few instances where this Subscribe feature seems like it could be beneficial to small businesses.  If, for example, you post a lot of business-related items on your Facebook Profile then it would make sense to allow Subscribers and make any business updates available to the public.  Additionally, if you personally are part of your brand – one local cupcake owner who has appeared on numerous TV shows comes to mind – then you may want to make your personal Profile subscribable and, when appropriate, post information that is open to the public.  

Even if you can’t currently utilize this feature on your business Page, rumor has it that some changes might be coming to the way Facebook tries to help businesses market themselves so stay tuned!

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