September 27, 2011

What Motivates Your Customers?

I attended a all-day marketing conference last week that absolutely blew my mind.  Normally these conferences are full of lots of coffee, a little networking, and maybe a tidbit or two of good material you can take with you and use in your business.  This one however, put on by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA for short), was hands-down one of the best marketing conferences I’ve attended in years.  While the conference was attended by BIG BRANDS like McDonalds and Hershey’s, the information they shared was applicable to us small guys as well.  In fact, one of the things I found most interesting was that this quote:

Social media helps small companies look big and big companies act small.

Even the BIG BRANDS are realizing what those of us small companies with small marketing budgets already know – that social marketing can be impactful.   What was interesting though was the idea that social marketing is much, much, much more than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I’m hoping to share some of the takeaways from the conference over the next few days  but before we begin ask yourself this question – Do you what motivates your customers?