September 28, 2011

Why Customer Motivation Matters for Marketing

You undoubtedly know that you need to differentiate your product, brand, and company from competitors.  If you’re selling the exact same thing at the same price as the guy next door, why should someone choose you?  Which is why small food business entrepreneurs spend time figuring out what their niche is and then work hard to share with potential customers what it is that makes you special. 

For example take a wedding cake entrepreneur.  You can have someone who specializes in topsy-turvy cakes, someone who specializes in traditional tiered cakes, someone who specializes in artistic modeled chocolate figurines for the cake, someone who specializes in vegan cakes, someone who specializes in gluten-free cakes, and someone who specializes in being able to turn out a good product at a low price for those bargain-priced cakes.  And that’s just scratching the surface!

The rule of thumb when it comes to marketing is to take product attributes – ie, the fact that you are a vegan baker – and market those to your audience.   There’s one more piece of the puzzle that needs to be considered though and that’s what your customers’ motivations are.

As was explained that the WOMMA conference last week, there is significant research that now shows that every single purchase a person makes is driven in some way by a motivation.  Your product attributes and differentiation may be the rational reasons why people buy from you, but there is also an emotional driver behind the sale and if you can tap into that you can make your marketing message resonate even stronger with your customer base.

The great news is that these core customer motivations have been researched extensively and a list of 12 that work for every single product category have been created.  Want to know what they are?  Check back tomorrow for the 12 Core Customer Motivations and then on Friday to learn how you can put those to use in your marketing strategy.