September 30, 2011

How to use those Core Customer Motivations To Increase Buying

Now that you know what motivations customers are trying to fill when purchasing an item the next step is to put these into action in your own business.  First, of course, you have to identify what motivation your brand fills.  To do this, ask yourself what your customers are trying to accomplish when they purchase from you.  Better yet, ask your customers themselves!  Just remember that they will likely tell you the rational reasons why they’re buying your product and it’ll be up to you to read between the lines to find the emotional motivation behind it.  Once you do know what motivations are driving your customers here are 3 ways you can use that information to benefit your business:

  1. The motivations should be part of your brand positioning statement.  Read this post about brand positioning and you’ll note that one of the product attributes talks about enabling customers to “feel” something – that is a motivation.
  2. Make those motivations part of your brand identity.  Yes, telling your customers about your rational product attributes is important but so too is connecting with them on an emotional level.  You should include aspects of the core motivations in your brand identity and your brand messaging.  Using the cake example from the other day, if you find that most of your customers are buying wedding cakes from you to help them fulfill a desire to be creative then you may want to make sure that your logo has an artistic angle and that the cake images you show on your site and stories of past brides and grooms are those that feature creative couples with unique cakes.
  3. Change up your message based on your audience’s motivations.  You may find that your customers are coming to you because of multiple motivations.  Don’t be afraid to change up your message – as long as the underlying story is consistent – so that you tap into the emotional drivers of those different customers.  One great example that was given at the WOMMA conference was how the Dairy Council had different emotional triggers depending on whether you were thinking about milk for your health, your family, or for cooking.  As such, they changed their website landing page so that visitors immediately self-identify and go into different portion of the site that have different messages based on the motivations of that specific audience.