October 11, 2011

Bluebird Grain Farms Offers One-Of-A-Kind Grains In Bulk

(c) Bluebird Grain Farms - posted with their permission

Intentional Table highlighted Bluebird Grain Farms last week and it was too good a write up not to pass along.   Bluebird Grain Farms is based in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State (a place that holds a very special spot in my heart) and is a true “plow-to-package” granary in that they plant, grow, mill, and package all of their own flour and grains.  What’s more, they do all this with an eye towards sustainability and making sure that they are being good stewards of the land.  You can read Intentional Table’s beautiful write up here but I wanted to make sure that as food entrepreneurs it was brought to your attention that Bluebird Grain Farms also sells their products wholesale in bulk.  If nothing else, go take a look at the pictures on their site.  They will have you yearning to give it all up and start a farm in theMethowValley!

*This is not a paid product review.