October 13, 2011

Join Small Food Business On Facebook

In addition to the new Food On Wheels book cover graphic on the main page, there’s one other change to this site you might want to be aware of – especially if you’re a Facebooker.  Small Food Business now has a Facebook page and you can click right to it via the Facebook button on the bottom right-hand side of the home page. 

My goal all along has been to provide resources to help small food businesses prosper.  While there are a multitude of resources for small businesses in general, food businesses tend to be a whole different ball of yarn what with the specific health regulations we face and other intricacies that are specific to our industry.  My hope is that the Facebook page will continue to be a place where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and questions.  Ideally I want this site and the Facebook page to be a community for small food business owners and aspiring food entrepreneurs.  So, if Facebook is your cup of tea, please visit the page and help me get the conversation going.  As with this site, I invite you to freely post your (relevant) thoughts, questions, and ideas, and encourage you to comment on what I or anyone else says.