October 18, 2011

The Health Insurance Quandary

My mother walking through the slot canyon not long before the accident occured.

 If things are a little quieter around here this week it’s because this past weekend my 60+ year-old-mother managed to break not one but both of her legs while hiking in a slot canyon in Arizona.   She’s currently in Salt Lake City undergoing surgery to pin one leg back together and cast the other.  So, in a nutshell, there’s a lot going on at the home front these days that, understandably, is taking a lot of my time and energy.

That being said, this did remind me of the issue many small food business entrepreneurs face that has nothing to do with their actual food business – health insurance.  In fact, ironically, it was almost three years ago exactly when I broke my leg (also hiking….we’re now thinking perhaps our family should take up chess instead!).  Thankfully I was insured through the health insurance my husband receives through his work but what about people who don’t have a spouse who can provide that insurance?  It’s easy to sit here and say “follow your dreams – start that business you’ve always wanted to” but much harder when the reality is that getting insurance as a self-employed person is darn near impossible here in the US.

Prior to marrying my husband when I was starting up my business, I was able to find emergency health insurance through ehealthinsurance.com.  It was frighteningly expensive but worthwhile, I thought, should anything major happen that would require immediate care.  Thankfully I never needed it but it is an option you should be aware of in case you’re looking for some type of basic coverage.  Obviously, coverage options vary based on person and the state you live in.

Do you know of anyother health insurance options for small business owners?  In the mean time, be careful out there and stay healthy!