October 21, 2011

Target Your Online Customers With Keywords

google adwords keyword toolTargeting your customers is one of the smartest things any food entrepreneur can do.  Actually, it’s one of the smartest things any business – big or small – can do.  If you don’t target your marketing then chances are any marketing you do will fall flat and who wants to waste time and/or money on that?

If your business  has any type of online presence – be it online advertising, per-per-click advertising, or simply a website or blog, then the good news is that keywords can help determine who sees your ads or website.  The reason is that, unlike traditional print or radio advertising, online advertising and websites are naturally more targeted in that only people who are searching for certain keywords are shown your ad or website.  The question though is how to do you determine which keywords people are looking for?

Google Adwords makes this process incredibly easy.  With their keywords tool you can put in words that you think your audience is searching for and Google will tell you how many people both globally and locally have searched those terms in the last month.   The keyword tool will also give you related suggestions of other keywords that people have search for and tell you how much competition there is on the web for all the words.

As an example, I used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see how many people locally were looking up the phrase ‘apple pies’.  Turns out it’s pretty popular right now and locally there were 450,000 searches this month for the words ‘apple pies’.  Turns out though that ‘apple pie recipe’ is generating 165,000 local searches and ‘apple pie’ had 550,000 searches.  That’s a lot of folks looking for apple pie information.  In this case I would make sure that my online ad and/or website/blog post not only mentioned that my company has great apple pies, but that it’s from my grandmother’s apple pie recipe and that it’s possible to come in and buy just one apple pie.  

Granted, you’d want to make the content flow a little nicer than I just did in the above sentence, but the point is that in that one sentence I’ve now upped the chances that my content will be found online by incorporating some of the most commonly used keywords that people are actually searching for.

Did I mention that it costs nothing to use this tool?  So what are you waiting for?

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