October 27, 2011

How Do Small Businesses Deal With Unemployement Claims?

small_business_unemployment_claimsIn the Starting A Small Food Business course I teach, we were recently talking about some of things that entrepreneurs need to be aware of when hiring employees.  In addition to the taxes that employers are required to pay to the state and federal government based on how many hours their employees have worked, I also touched on the fact that when an employe leaves you may be held responsible by the unemployment office for a portion of that person’s unemployment claim even if they left on their own accord.  This article from the New York Times covers some of the very same things we were talking about last night in class and is a worthwhile read for any food entrepreneur who is hiring or thinking of hiring employees.   While the right employees are a huge asset to any business and can help you with your production (which in turn helps your business grow), when money is tight it’s good to know in advance what may or may  not be required from you as the employer.

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