November 28, 2011

Shipping Box Sale

Shipping Box SaleIf your small food business ships product around the country or even around the world then you know how expensive shipping materials can be.  And, with the holidays coming up, if you ship items then chances are you’ll be needing even more shipping boxes in the coming weeks.  That’s why I wanted to make sure you were aware of Uline’s once-a-year Big Box Blowout (well, they call it the Super Carton Sale but I think Big Box Blowout has a better marketing ring to it!).   You can save up to 39% off their over 1,100 different box sizes.

In addition to boxes, Uline is really one of the best resources around for low-priced but high-quality shipping material of all types including shipping tape, packing peanuts, packing paper, etc.  The sale is ongoing now through January 15, 2012.

As always, the good folks at SmallFoodBiz are not receiving any form of compensation for this article.  Just wanted to pass along the information so you can save money and spend it on more important things!

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