Just For Fun

November 30, 2011

Food TV To Make Your Mouth Water

Travel Channel Food Paradise Jackson Hole Couloir RestaurantIf you’re looking for something to watch tonight check out Travel Channel’s Food Paradise.  Tonight’s episode features Jackson, Wyoming (also know as Jackson Hole) which is where my family all lives.  In fact, my sister and her fiance were asked to be extras for a portion that was filmed at a local restaurant named Couloir.  No idea yet if they made the final cut but if you happen to watch tonight and see a gorgeous woman and a gregarious guy that’d be them!  My future brother-in-law promises that regardless the episode will make your mouth “water” (emphasis was his in the email he sent).

In case you’re wondering, the picture here is of Jackson Hole’s famous Corbet’s Couloir ski run.  Trust me, it’s even steeper in person.  Yes, people actually do ski that! 

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