December 6, 2011

More Food Entrepreneur Interviews Coming in 2012

Do you know of (or perhaps even run?) a small food business?  Because SmallFoodBiz is looking for more food entrepreneurs to interview in 2012. 

When asked what they’d like to see more of, readers of this site responded by saying they want to hear more real-life stories from other food entrepreneurs and learn what’s working for them and what isn’t.  While I’ll be out there scouting new and interesting small food businesses to interview, I also invite you to nominate yourself or another business you know to be featured.  It can be a small farmers’ market booth, it can be a food truck or food cart, it can be an Etsy food business you started on the side to help out with income, a small catering business; it can be just about anything as long as it’s food related.  

Along those same lines, as I start to make plans for 2012 is there anything you’d like to see more/less of?  Any specific questions you have that you can’t get answers to anywhere?   Drop me a note at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com with your thoughts and small food business findings.   As always, thanks for reading and helping me make this an even better resource for small food entrepreneurs.

2 comments on “More Food Entrepreneur Interviews Coming in 2012

  • Marcia Kellenberger on said:

    I just discovered your website and am SO excited! We opened the only incubator/shared kitchen in our area (northwest suburbs of Chicago) this fall. Most of our clients are in the process of starting a food business or have been working out of their own kitchens and are now ready to expand.

    There is a VERY high level of anxiety for almost all of them, as they, like you, are having a hard time finding answers to their questions. I can’t wait to share your website/blog/resources my blog on the Dream Kitchen website.

    There are some amazing, talented, passionate chefs and bakers at work in our kitchen who would be excellent candidates for your food entrepreneur interviews!

  • dianatap on said:

    Greetings from the great State of Colorado!

    My name is Diana and I am a food entrepreneur of my own Gourmet Food Business. I have a passion for food and simply got tired of purchasing products that contained, MSG, fillers and preservatives. In 2007, I made my dream a reality. Today, I have a complete line of all natural alternative products for everyday cooking use. My recipes are all originals and my blends are intended to be used in a variety of ways. The Zesty Moose Products are created for busy families, for those who love to cook and for anyone who desires an aide in getting started. Please feel free to check out the website or my food blog at

    Looking forward to bringing a little of my kitchen into yours; along with the opportunity to share and learn from other entrepreneurs who are part of this crazy little corner of foodies!

    Diana Tap