December 9, 2011

Something For The Chef On Your Holiday List

eating_with_emperorsIf your holiday list includes someone who loves to cook – or if you want to give Santa’s Elves some hints of what you might like to find under the tree this year – check out Eating with Emperors

Easily one of the most innovative food-focused books I’ve seen in years, this book is based on the menus at high-level state and diplomatic events from around the world.  In addition to copies of the original menu cards, the book also presents information about what was historically going on at the time and about some of the food quirks of the world’s leaders not to mention a number of recipes and interesting tidbits (for example, did you know that one chef was literally boiled alive in a public ceremony after sickening a number of guests at a King’s dinner party) that will be fascinating to anyone who enjoys random food facts.  

*No compensation or free product was received in exchange for this review.