January 11, 2012

The IRS To The Rescue…Really!

1099 Misc tax formEvery year around this time I tend to nash my teeth over the fact that I have to purchase 1099-MISC forms to complete my business taxes.  It’s not so much that I have to purchase the forms, but more that the only option I have is to purchase the forms in packs of 30+ when in reality for my small business all I need are 2-3.  Normally I try to split the cost with other small businesses so that we all get a few and don’t need to spend a ton of money but the reality is that even when we go in as a group, there are still usually far more forms than we actually need.  Which was why I was so excited to learn that you can get these tax forms – and others – free of charge from the IRS!

No kidding, the IRS will send you the forms that you need at no cost.  Best of all, if you need one copy they’ll send you just one lone copy.  If you need 1000 copies of a form, well they can apparently do that too!   The IRS will be more than happy to mail any forms along to you so that you have the tools you need to get your business taxes filed on time.  Trust me, I was just as shocked to learn this!  Check out the IRS site here for more information about the tax forms you can order.