February 7, 2012

Vote Early & Vote Often

Small Business Book AwardsAl Capone, mobster extraordinaire, is credited with the saying “Vote early and vote often.”  So, following his lead, I’m asking you to do the same to help boost Starting A Part-time Food Business in the rankings for Small Business Trends’ Small Business Book Award of the Year.

Starting A Part-time Food Business was, unbeknownst to me, nominated as one of the top Small Business Books of last year.  Nominated in the Startup category, the book is up against some pretty big heavy hitters and given that the book is rather niche focused – ie, you have to be interested in starting up a food business and not just a business in general – I’m pretty impressed with how the votes are playing out so far.

However, this is where I’ll humbly ask you to vote as well.  You can vote once a day through February 16th and, best of all, you don’t have to sign up or share your email address with anyone in order to be eligible.

Speaking of books…stay tuned because in a few weeks I’ll be hosting a giveaway where ten readers will have the chance to win a new food business book!

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