February 22, 2012

5 Ways To Effectively Market Your Small Food Company on Pinterest

marketing your business on PinterestPinterest is an exciting new social media option that small businesses like yours can take advantage of.  The question though is how to do so effectively and in a way that benefits your brand, your users, and your company. 

The other day we talked about the current user demographics for Pinterest, one of today’s fastest-growing social media sites.  If that information has piqued your interest, here are 5 ways you can use Pinterest to help market your small food business:

  1. The saying is that good food excites all five senses.  Because of the visual aspect of Pinterest, you can start to get people excited about what your products look like even if they’ve never had a chance to taste your goodies. Beautiful product shots “pinned” from your own website will help show off your products to an audience that is actively looking for beautiful images.  Since your photos will link back to your website it’s a way to drive traffic there to learn more about what you have to offer without requiring that you do a hard sales pitch.
  2. If you have an online Etsy store you can also pin items you have there thanks to Etsy’s new Pinterest Pin It feature.  Once again, this gives you another avenue to feature your products and can lead to an increase in sales through your Etsy store.  Jennifer Johnson, of JensCakePops, has been using Pinterest in this manner to help drive traffic to her Etsy store.   “I notice that people “re-pin” my items and it starts a really cool chain reaction of pinning and spreading my products to people effortlessly,” she says.  For a small business that has relied exclusively on social media to spread the word about her company, Jennifer says, due in part to Pinterest, she was so busy this past Valentine’s Day that she had to stop taking orders.  When asked if she plans to continue using Pinterest to help her market her Esty store she replied, “Definitely. I have free advertising at the push of a button. It’s too easy.”
  3. Don’t limit yourself to just your products.  No one wants to be the person that’s holding up the sandwich board on the side of the internet highway to try and get people to “look at me.”  Since you can create multiple boards on Pinterest think outside of just showcasing your products and develop boards that you think your target market might be interested in.  For example, a Recipes board could include recipes you’ve developed that may incorporate your product or simply recipes you’ve enjoyed and think others might like to try.  Another option is to think even broader than simply food.  If you mainly sell wedding cakes, designing boards that feature other aspects of beautiful weddings – perhaps a Dresses board or a board showcasing unique handmade touches at weddings – is something your target market is likely to be interested in and want to see more of.  Creating multiple boards is a great way to engage your followers on multiple levels and keep your efforts on Pinterest from being too ‘me me me’ – focused.
  4. Showcase your personality!  Pinterest is a great opportunity to show people the person (or people) behind your brand.  What do you want people to think of when they think of your company?  Perhaps you want to feature images of you slaving over a hot stove or show pictures of the farmers’ whose ingredients you use.  If you’re up at dawn every morning to start cooking perhaps a board showcasing the daily morning sunrise?  Don’t be afraid to funny or whimsical if that’s what you want your brand to convey.  Remember, one huge advantage your business has over the Big Brands is that you can be personal so let that personality shine.
  5. Add a Pin-it button to your website.  This will make it easier for users to post beautiful pictures from your website (which will link back to your site) to their boards too.

Have you been using Pinterest for your business?  Any tactics you’ve found that works particularly well for you?

As I mentioned before, Small Food Business is on Pinterest and currently “pinning” items on boards titled Artisan Food Goodies, Food Packaging Worth Admiring, and Cravings (delicious looking recipes) so be sure to stop by and check out what we’re discovering. Happy pinning!

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