March 2, 2012

Ever Dreamt About Being On The Food Network?

If you have, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for!  I got an email yesterday from someone connected with Bobbi Flay’s new Food Network show asking to put a shout out for entrepreneurs and thought this could be  a really great opportunity for the right person.  Here’s the details:

A new Food Network series is looking for FOOD ENTREPRENEURS.  Specifically, people who have left their previous career to start a new restaurant (or similar business).

·        Must have little-to-no prior professional culinary experience.

·        Must be planning to open a brick-and-mortar space where there will be walk-in customers (restaurant, bakery, sandwich shop, etc.). CAN NOT BE OPEN ALREADY.

·        Must be aiming to open this year.

Those chosen will receive culinary & business coaching from Bobby Flay (a chef, restaurateur, and fixture on the Food Network) as well as invaluable national publicity.

Those interested that fit the guidelines, please email the following:  Outline your timeline, budget, menu, team, and especially what’s at stake for you in this endeavor (why you are doing it and what risks, financial as well as personal, you are taking). We are highly interested in the “human-interest” angle of your story.

You can email Allie Weisberg with your details check out the show on Twitter and Facebook for more information!

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